alexia Hemingway design

alexia Hemingway design

Portrait of a girl wearing sunglasses drawn by Alexia Hemingway in sharpie markers and water color pencil. Selflclicker series

Something for everybody

Whether you are an artist,contractor,paper supplier,food truck entrepreneur or film producer I got your back. Let's get this done!

 My talents include fun illustrations, web & graphic design.

Projects based on your budget


  • Illustration ~ Sharpie Marker,watercolor pencil & Acrylics
  • Web Design ~ Custom Websites made to your budget
  • Graphic Design ~ Logos,business cards,charts etc.
  • Adobe Programs I work in ~ Photoshop,Illustrator,InDesign,Muse

Custom websites created with your business or project in mind

Good Design that showcases your comany

Acrylic painting (illustration)

Good Ideas

Alexia Hemingway   786. 295. 1792

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