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A painting of Alexia Hemingway as a sleeping  child, drawn by her mother Willy Hemingway

About Me

I think if you asked me what I consider myself, I would say a fine artist who

paints, illustrates, sculpts, designs my own gift line, builds frames for my

art as well as designs websites and does graphic design for clients.


Muhammad Ali has been my personal hero all my life. I was a shy teen and he was so large in his personality that I felt inclined to start painting him about age fourteen. I did this painting when I was forty three.

My Mom did this portrait of me when I was two or three. It remains one of the most important things I have left from her. My family all inspire me to be a better artist and designer.

Drawing of Maxi the Malchi dog done in Adobe Illustrator by artist Alexia Hemingway

Maxi my dog done in Adobe Illustrator

Alexia Hemingway Design is my illustration & design business. This is

how I work:

• Meet to discuss the project

• Establish a working budget

• Formal agreement, 50% deposit, balance collected when completed.

• Change of orders will be in writing and may require additional charges


 I accept all major credit cards,checks and cash.

Good Ideas

Gotta love what you do...then it is not work!

Colorful acrylic painting of fighter Muhammad Ali punching by artist Alexia Hemingway

About Alexia Hemingway Design

My interest in art started as a young child. All my free time was to draw and paint or make things out of wood. I loved making toys as a younger person and that too has transcended into my adult life, too.

I went to Arizona State University studying drawing. My painting career really took off after school when I copied Van Gogh, Gauguin and others to find my own personal style. I also attended Palm Beach College receiving an A.S. in Graphic Design/ Web Technology.

My Note Book of Art & Ideas

Paint as much as possible

Teach more classes in painting and drawing...it is a passion of mine to share art!

Do another one man art show!!!

Sell more of my art!....via websites and reps!

Make great websites for my clients!

Go see great art and designs

Keep being imaginative and curious!


Have a fun and productive day!

Alexia Hemingway

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