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Good Ideas

These are samples of the websites I have created.

Custom websites created with your business or project in mind

Projects based on your budget

Custom Websites

Starting at:


Painting from the Canvas Paint Party's website.

About your website

Collect all assets that you want in your website.

Assets are photographs, charts, videos, and text. Having good assets

helps with the building of your website so that your client or potential

clients know what you are selling or offering in services. It is better to

have more assets to chose from than not enough.

Wire Frame of your website

A wire frame is the layout of your website. This includes your

navigation bar, how many pages and the layout of each page and the

footer which is located at the bottom of the page.

sample of navigation bar

the nav bar can be stylized any way you want it






sample of footer






Phone number

© company website

sample of social media  buttons for your website

adding custom  Presentation Displays

creative ways to display information.

Tabbed Panels


More Info

Using Tabbed Panels

Panels can be added to your website.

This helps organize if you have pictures and text that you want contained.

There are so many options to use for your website!

Any Information you want to place here


Company Contacts:



123 Maple Street

Anytown, Florida



sample of a tabbed panel

The tabbed panels can be as large as you like and are customizable to fit any info and can be any color as well to share your info.

sample of a slide show

sample of linking an image of to a website or part in the website such as another part of your website.

Sample of the book cover for Make Me.

This is a young adult novel called "Make Me"a project

produced by film maker Patrice Hamilton. In this sample on a website it is going to be linked to buy now on Amazon. You can link to a website, or to a part in your own website.

click on image to go to buy the book

Projects based on your budget

Custom websites created with your business or project in mind

What you do not see that has to be done to your website.

Each image whether it is a photo, painting, chart, or graph has to be detailed with a title in the page properties section.

The information is filled in behind each image..this is used for the Internet search engines.

Photo of Image properties box to use on website explaining what a tool tip is.

Page and site properties Metadata

  • Page properties for the web: Each page on your website need clear description of your websites contents.
  • Key words: Each page on your website need descriptive and unique words for each page. Key words help in the search for websites. If you sell fruit some key words would be: fruit,fruit baskets,dried fruit,chocolate covered fruit. These are words that describe what is being sold on the website.
  • All Text in your site: has to be given either a paragraph style or character style. This gives the website visibility in search engines.
Photo of a sample what page properties are and how they are filled out.

The information is filled in for each page on your website by me so that search engines see this.

Projects based on your budget

 My talents include fun illustrations, web & graphic design.

Good Ideas

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